Friday, June 15, 2007

Trendy ... but why?

I've noticed some confusion about why certain Google Hot Trends phrases are trendy. The link provided by Hot Trends for each phrase -- to a page with recent news and blog posts, and relevant websites -- should clear up this confusion for some queries. But often, the reason for the trendiness is not revealed.

Perhaps Google will improve its Trends pages over time so that the meaning of each search is immediately apparent. But in the meantime, I wonder whether it would be a public service for someone to explain the meaning of non-obvious queries?

A blog called the answer to your query does this for many of the crossword clues. But I think that something broader -- covering all types of queries -- is in order.


trendyme said...

I started a blog at where I do more than posting a quick one-word answer to google hot trends. I usually put a snip of an article or blog + link to source of information.

Scott said...

Thanks, trendyme! This is good to know about.