Friday, June 8, 2007

That's So Hot

Too much Paris Hilton!

I was hoping to revise my first Paris Hilton post to include every relevant search. But I don't think I can find them all (until they're indexed on Google, anyway)!

It's probably for the best. A page filled with every Paris search would look like keyword spam.

* * *

The top Paris search now: paris hilton crying. Are we reveling in a celebrity's misfortune; curious whether her sadness was real; or something else?

Meanwhile, we have the unfortunate return of paris hilton sextape clips and a night in paris. Wasn't this "hot," like, three years ago?

* * *

Update: I'm starting to worry that we're collectively ogling and making fun of a person who needs help -- much like we've done with Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears.

Maybe it's time for our society to take an interest in something other than young female celebrities in trouble. We only make things worse by feeding the frenzy around them.

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