Friday, June 8, 2007

Predictions from Friday's New York Times crossword

So many searchable clues from the Friday puzzle ... I hardly know where to begin!

Nevertheless, I'll select five clues that I believe will appear on Google Hot Trends. [Update: The strikethroughs indicate predictions that didn't come true.]

1971 hit with the lyric he danced for those at minstrel shows (or just he danced for those at minstrel shows?)
1998 tony winner for best play
grammy winner blige
constellation near norma
girl group with the 1986 1 hit venus [I'm guessing that the # symbol in "#1 hit" won't show up on Hot Trends.][Aha, 1986 hit venus ... that is easier to type!]

By the way ... the clue for 1-down is "Google heading." For the answer ... check the Google homepage! :-)

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Orange said...

The Sunday New York Times crossword has a slew of killer clues. With New Yorkers getting the Sunday paper on Saturday, some of Saturday's Google Trends were ripped straight from the Sunday puzzle. I predict a surge in Googlers trying to finish the puzzle Sunday. (Some will find their way to my crossword blog.)