Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Sometimes Google reflects our sadness

The current top eight searches on Hot Trends all relate to a heartbreaking story: Police have found the body of Kelsey Smith, who was abducted at a Target in Overland Park, Kansas, on Saturday. The searches are for Kelsey Smith, for (currently offline -- the Google cache is here), and for Kansas City area news stations:

  1. kshb tv
  2. kelsey smith
  3. kansas city news
  4. find kelsey
  6. kmbc
  7. kctv5
(For those of you new to this blog or unfamiliar with Hot Trends -- if you click on these links, you'll find relevant news, blog, and web results, collected by Google for these searches.)

I started this blog for fun -- and often it is. On a less happy note, I've previously commented on arguably sexist or repugnant searches. But on occasions like this, I realize again that Google is used to find everything in the world ... even the saddest things.

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