Saturday, June 16, 2007

The mystery of Michelleista / Michelle Ellea

Michelleista is #1 on Hot Trends. Yet this term has almost no presence on the Web.

Google has indexed a grand total of two web pages -- relating to a single user at Wikipedia (Michartwurk) -- which contain the term "michelleista."

The cached version of one page indicates -- as does the Hot Trends page -- that "michelleista" relates to michelle ellea (currently #97 on Hot Trends). This cached page is the only one on Google Web Search that mentions "Michelle Ellea."

Nothing on Google News. Nothing on Google Blog Search (other than the post you're reading, once I finish it).

What is going on here??

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trendyme said...

You know what's cool? The quickness google indexed your blog for this hot trend.