Friday, May 16, 2008

And now a word from Bryan ...

... or how about 12 words out of the top 14:

1. 2007
2. chris
3. spears
4. cup
5. loans
6. idol
7. american
8. world
9. portia de rossi
10. irl
11. sports
12. gina peterson
13. britney
14. zxbfwwr

All of the one-word queries are coming mainly from Bryan, TX. (My favorite is "zxbfwwr.")

I suspect that some naughty student at Texas A&M is messing with Google. But for what purpose?


Robert said...

i was sleuthing after lunch and came to the same conclusion - what's going on at A&M? i am wondering if there can be some meaning from the indiv. words put together?

Tech said...

irl = Internet Research Lab, specifically, Texas A&M's Internet Research Lab:

More about this here: